Curriculum Vitae




Summer Conference Coordinator, Residential Services                                                       
May 2016-August 2016
  • Coordinate overnight accommodations and dining services for 40-60 (approximately 1500-2500 guests) educational conferences at the University of Chicago

Assist in overseeing 7 conference interns and a variety of summer conferences

  • Support the Assistant Director of Residential Services by acting as an on-site resource for the 7 Summer Conference interns in cases of emergency and/or after-hour problems

  • Coordinate and attend three weekly facilities meetings while managing all housing, work order, and facilities preparations for the summer

  • Coordinate arrivals and departures for conferences by preparing welcome packages, creating room assignments through StarRez, conducting community room reservations, conducting orientation sessions, and tracking deadlines as well
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Mt. Pleasant, MI                                       
Resident Assistant, Residence Life
March 2014-Present
  • Plan and execute passive and official hall programs for over 400 residents to enhance community within Barnes and Robinson residence halls to make two building communities united into one
  • Provide paraprofessional advising for 40 undergraduates each semester to help students academically adrift avoid academic issues at the university
  • Confront and resolve issues on diversity, racism, alcohol and drug abuse, academic performance and social acceptance to make sure students are safe and focused on education
  • Complete duty rounds 16 nights a semester consisting of social rounds to communicate with residents, and a security round later on to make sure the residence halls are being properly maintained
  • Work with group dynamics on a staff of 16 people with different working styles, love languages, and standards
  • Support residents as a campus resource to connect their needs to support areas
  • Encourage personal interaction with residents to assist in forming a residential community
  • Complete administrative tasks involving submitting incident reports, reflections with residents and self, bulletin boards, and Map-Works programs
  • Assist in the selection of new resident assistants by interviewing applicants with the residence hall director
  • Specialize in training with one hundred other staff members in Safe Zone training, emergency procedures, and campus resources to have a closer understanding of students with diverse backgrounds and needs
Campus Ambassador Touring Program Coordinator, Admissions
April 2015-Present
  • Coordinate the Campus Ambassador tour program consisting of 75 student volunteers to help incoming students gain a positive perception of Central Michigan University
  • Train campus ambassadors every semester with proper touring etiquette and campus information in order to provide visitors with a positive tour experience
  • Plan, facilitate, and enhance monthly follow-up trainings for campus ambassadors to ensure continued education of campus information
  • Organize socials for Campus Ambassadors every semester as well as banquets to show appreciation to everyone
  • Prepare scheduling for Campus Ambassadors in coordination with added programs from the Admissions office to make sure Ambassadors know when to give tours and to help with organizations in the Admissions office
Student Manager, Bovee University Center Events and Conference Services
November 2014-Present
  • Monitor the building after regular business hours and assist with emergency situations to provide a safe environment for CMU students and proper building maintenance standards
  • Provide customer service during events and provide campus knowledge to help students and visitors get acclimated to campus
  • Understand programming systems such as KX & KX Residential to help guests find meeting rooms on campus
  • Manage a desk staff of 8 employees to make sure proper customer service is being displayed to guests
  • Manage events such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, and banquets that involved management of equipment, bars, and staff members to create lasting memories
Academic Orientation Mentor, Academic Advising and Assistance 
February 2015-Present
  • Acclimate 80 students and family members a day to Central Michigan University’s campus through an intensive one-day orientation to help students and families prepare for their first year
  • Answer questions and relieve concerns of family members to ensure a smooth transition into college
  • Present a guided tour through campus to acquaint family members to their students’ campus
Student Conduct Undergraduate Officer, Office of Student Conduct
August 2015-Present
  • Serve on disciplinary hearing panels consisting of 2 students and 2 university officials in order to represent the student body in conduct preceding
  • Compose decisions based on the well-being for the university and students who have violated the student code of conduct and responsibilities
  • Mediate issues between at-risk students and the university to enhance learning and development following student mistakes
Dance United, Mt. Pleasant, MI
November 2016
  • Help fundraise over $1,000 among two people with proceeds going towards United Way
  • Participate and coordinate a three minute dance to help raise money in regards to the performance
Hunger and Homelessness Alternative Break, Detroit, Michigan
November 2015
  • Fed over 100 people in a soup kitchen to make sure homeless individuals were fed for the day
  • Created over 50 welcome mats and shoes out of tires abandoned in Detroit to give back to the homeless community
State Parks and Preservation Alternative Break, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan
October 2015
  • Weed wacked areas for over 8 hours to help the growth and health of woodland plants
  • Planted over 100 new batches of dune grass which help maintain proper sand quality at the dunes
Volunteer At Special Olympics Michigan Summer Games, Mt. Pleasant, MI
June 2015
  • Helped bowling athletes with scoring and set up to encourage growth and advancement for athletes
Philanthropy Chair For Phi Kappa Tau Gamma Lambda Chapter, Mt. Pleasant, MI 
Fall 2014
  • Coordinated the fundraising of $3,000 to send one terminally ill child to summer camp for free to reduce financial stress for a family
Camp Counselor/Volunteer, The SeriousFun Network
May 2015
  • Transformed the lives of terminally ill children through interactive activities that keep focuses away from illnesses
  • Founder & President, Collegiate Association of Student Affairs
    October 2015-Present
  • President, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
    June 2015-October 2015
  • Vice President, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
    November 2014-June 2015
  • Senator, Student Government Association
    March 2014-October 2014
  • Secretary and Philanthropy Chair, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
    November 2013-November 2014
  • Representative, International Fraternity Council
    October 2013-April 2014
  • Cobb Hall Representative, Residence Hall Assembly
    October 2013-March 2014




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