Michael Vincent Greco’s Purpose



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Hello friends! My name is Michael Greco. I am a Senior student currently at Central Michigan University pursuing a Bachelor Of Science in Education for Secondary Social Studies Education with a concentration in Geography, as well as double minors in History and Leadership in Student Affairs.

My experience in Student Affairs began in the fall of 2014 when I became a Resident Assistant in Robinson and Barnes Halls. Not only did I learn a plethora of information about myself and what I wanted to improve upon, but I also for the first time in my life understood the concepts of diversity, justice, and passion.

Diversity is important to recognize within students because everyone has their own story to write, to create, and to notice. Everyone has different chapters, concepts, and even endings as well. These chapters are aspects to people’s lives that people may not understand. However, the power of diversity shows that even though we may not understand one’s experiences, people can try to support one another.

Justice is in regards to social education, which is a leading factor in today’s society that helps the world become safer, smarter, and more advanced. By being educated, the world cannot only become a safer place overall, but many can enjoy life’s normality by obtaining a passion for what they want to do in life. By sticking up for other people, people can learn about being fair, neutral, and understanding towards others. All of these things are found through the use of education, which establishes a goal, or a plan, towards students as a future educator: help students not only learn facts, but about what they want to do with their futures as well.

Finally, the one thing I gained overall is passion: Passion towards a healthier lifestyle, towards helping others, and more importantly, to help others grow. Ever since I started my Student Affairs experience, I have continued by working in various jobs in Admissions, Orientation, and even University Recreation with Central Michigan University. In addition, I have even worked out of state at places such as the University of Chicago with their Residential Services program, and even have attended professional development conferences such as NASPA 2016 in Indianapolis. I continue to seek a passion for growth within myself, and within the field of Student Affairs as well by working with future students to make the world a safer, and smarter place.

As Simon Sinek describes in his Circle Theory that talks about how humans make a difference through factors such as why, how, and what, Sinek states the following:

“People don’t buy what you do, but they buy why you do it.”

-Simon Sinek, 2014

This motto in life is the main benefactor that will be used to inspire others in a magical, transforming way.